Decoding Program

Glass-Analysis Instructional Package

The Instructional Package is comprised of 4 levels of Decoding Kits: Starters, Mediums, Harders, and Completers.

The Instructional Package includes 5 copies of Level A and Level B Follow Through Practice Books for each of the 4 Level Kits.


120 Cluster Packs (30 per level)
40 Practice Books (5 per level)


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Cluster Card Kits

Each of the 4 levels of the Glass-Analysis Decoding Kits directs teachers to condition students to recognize and use the consistent clusters within words. Each Kit contains 30 Cluster Packs, with each card coded by difficulty level.


Easiest to Learn

Average Difficulty

Increasing Difficulty

Most Difficult to Learn


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Teacher Guides

Each Glass-Analysis shipment contains an informative Teacher Guide which instructs the teacher, step-by-step, in the Glass-Analysis method for decoding via letter clustering.

The valuable information in the Guide can be used to teach decoding even when using materials not in the Glass-Analysis Program.


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Follow Through Practice Books

Correlated with each of the 4 Levels of Decoding Kits are a Level A and Level B soft cover Follow Through Practice Book, (8 in all) written specifically for oral decoding practice in context.

Each whimsically-illustrated book contains sentences with the same clusters as in its correlated kit to help students transfer from clusters in words to reading in context.


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Across Word Puzzle Book

A book of Across Word Puzzles where the answer words contain clusters from the Starters level of the Glass-Analysis for Decoding Only program.

The book includes 30 Pages of Across Word grids, definition clues for each puzzle, a list of possible answer words on each page, and answers to all puzzles in the back.


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Glass-Analysis Workshop Video

Learn directly from Dr. Glass, a co-founder of the program, and help get the most out of the Glass-Analysis Program.

The video is available for purchase as either a DVD, or as access to a digital version on our website.


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